Womens Zombie

Written by Patricia Edwards. Posted in Adult Costumes

While a lot of women choose to dress as fairies and princess for Halloween, the women who are truly passionate about this holiday know that the best costume is the scariest costume. You can be as pretty as you want all year long, but on All Hollow’s Eve, you must be the scariest version of yourself. If you don’t know how to dress for this year’s Halloween, how about a Womens Zombie Costume?
Womens Zombie Costume Picture Womens Zombie Costume Picture

Brains! Brains! Brains!

While it is possible to make a Zombie costume out of old clothes, if you are not careful, you will lack authenticity and you might even end up looking like a homeless person, or even worse: like a hipster! In order to avoid these situations, we want to present you with a very authentic costume. The costume includes a ragged dress and a zombie guts waist cinch with a 3D print. You can make the costume look more realistic if you can get your hands on a fake brain. The dress is a available in two sizes: a small size that fits most sizes from 2 to 8, and a large size that fits most sizes from 10 to 14. The large size costs $33 and the small size costs $53. You can also find fake brains online that cost no more than $8.