Womens Vampire

Written by Chris Russel. Posted in Adult Costumes

If you are looking for a Halloween costume that is interesting and will make you stand out of the crowd at a Halloween party, then you should lay eyes on this beautiful womens vampire costume. Unlike other vampire costumes, this one is elegant, sleek and has impressive details that will make you look like a real countess.
Womens Vampire Costume Picture Womens Vampire Costume Picture

Transform yourself into an elegant vampire

This costume is slightly different than others because of its delicate finishing and precious lace and velvet insertions. The firm bodice embraces your waist and breasts and gives you a refined look thanks to the sharp edges that rise to your neck. The womens vampire costume comes in a combination of black and burgundy and has a short skirt with layers of lace and velvet. The skirt is longer in the back for a more sophisticated look and it is covered in drippings of elegant tiers of lace and embroidery. The bodice is tied in the front with a satin lace to help you get the best curves of your body.
To complete your Halloween look, this womens vampire costume comes with a matching brocade vampire collar with sharp edges that cover the back of your neck and a jewel pendant, worthy of a countess. Also, a pair of black lace gloves are added to the costume to increase the elegance and refinement of this stunning Halloween look. You can also find available a matching burgundy hat with lace and embroidery insertions, just perfect to complete your outfit. And since you can not be a genuine vampire without a pair of shiny sharp teeth, you can also get a pair of vampire fangs to make sure your look is frightening enough.