Women’s Plus-Size Disney Evil Queen

Written by Patricia Edwards. Posted in Plus Size Costumes

If you are a plus-size woman who is proud of her natural curves, consider opting for a flattering costume to wear at the Halloween party. For instance, a long and tight-fitting dress will help you highlight your best qualities. We like this Evil Queen costume because it’s fierce, sexy and perfect for a curvier woman. Check it out!
Women's Plus-Size Disney Evil Queen Picture Women's Plus-Size Disney Evil Queen Picture

Women’s Plus-Size Disney Evil Queen

The corset with lace sleeves is the centerpiece of the outfit. The purple top has gold detailing to add a touch of a elegance to the outfit. In addition, the corset with gold lines is specially designed that way to give you an hourglass look and bring out your best features. Furthermore, the gold rope tight around the waist will give you a slim and sexy waistline in just seconds. The lace sleeves are flowy and transparent while the skirt is long and tight-fitting. The costume is available on the market at $90.00 or less, depending on what size you want to order.

How to wear it

The best part about owning this costume is the fact that you don’t need to order additional accessories or other items, such as a wig or shoes. However, if you want to look like the Evil Queen from “Snow white and the seven dwarfs” you can take it a step further and order a gold crown online, like the one pictured in the image above to complete the look. Furthermore, consider wearing a pair of comfortable shoes, such as black flats or some classic black heels. The key is to feel comfortable while wearing something very flattering.