Women’s Plus-Size Dark Red Riding Hood

Written by Chris Russel. Posted in Plus Size Costumes

Plus-size women tend to restrict themselves from certain activities because of their weight, but who says that having a few extra pounds has to keep you from having fun and going to a party? If you want to go to the Halloween party this year but you fear that no costume will look good on you because they are all made in small sizes, here is a plus-size costume that will guarantee you will have plenty of fun.
Women's Plus-Size Dark Red Riding Hood Picture Women's Plus-Size Dark Red Riding Hood Picture

Women’s Plus-Size Dark Red Riding Hood costume

The Red Riding Hood costume is available in three large sizes, starting at XL and going as much as 3XL to fit women of various sizes and the original price is $83, but it varies depending on which size you opt for. The costume is made of 100% polyester, is very stretchy and it is very easy to put on. It consists of three pieces, namely the red dress, the cloak with a hood and a basket hanky to complete the look of the Red Riding Hood who is on her way to Grandma’s house. The dress is sleeveless and has two straps that cover the shoulders and continue all the way to the waist, forming a corset tied with a lace to help you obtain a slim waist. The long cloak is perfect for covering large shoulders and arms. You don’t have to worry that this costume will make you look fat, since there are some tricks that work very well in helping plus-size women look thinner. For example, to help you create a slimmer figure, a pair of high heels will help you look taller, which will automatically take a few pounds off you.