Women’s Pirate

Written by Chris Russel. Posted in Adult Costumes

Pirates are usually dangerous men who vandalize and take over foreign ships at sea, but who says you can not be a sexy pirate women who is ready to rule over the seas? Since Halloween is the perfect opportunity for you to wear a costume and become a different person, you can choose a women’s pirate costume. There are many costumes to choose from, but the following one will impress you with its details, the perfect finishes ans the sexy look it will offer you. The swede, the frills, the long skirt in the back and the elegant bodice create a sensual and stylish pirate look.
Women's Pirate Costume Picture Women's Pirate Costume Picture

Choose to be a fierce pirate woman for Halloween

This adventurous women’s pirate costume is everything you would want a costume to be: elegant, effective, sleek and bold, designed to transform even the shyest woman into a dangerous pirate who is ready to conquer the sea. This women’s pirate costumes includes a delicate and feminine bodice with a silk lace that embraces the curves and frames the neckline and an elegant burgundy skirt that is shorter in the front and longer in the back for a stylish look. The costume also includes detachable ruffle sleeves to complete the elegant bodice and a leather belt with a skull buckle around the waist. The woman pirate look is completed with the help of a feathered suede hat in a brown shade that perfectly matches the bodice. You can also accessorize your outfit with a pirate sword, a chain bracelet and a pair of high-heel shoes to intimidate your opponents.