Star Wars Female Stormtrooper

Written by Patricia Edwards. Posted in Adult Costumes

There are not many female characters in Star Wars, but this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any female Star Wars Fans out there. Moreover, this movie is a great source of inspiration for costume parties. And while you may argue with some fans at Comicon on whether or not you can be a female Jedi, no one’s gonna argue with a female Stormtrooper. This costume can even work for Halloween and since there are no rules on Halloween, no one is going to contest the authenticity of your character. In order to complete your Halloween look, we have found a great Star Wars Female Stormtrooper Costume.
Star Wars Female Stormtrooper Costume Picture Star Wars Female Stormtrooper Costume Picture

Loyal soldier of the Galactic Empire

This costume is made of 100% polyester. It can be hand washed, so you can successfully wear it at other themed parties, not just on Halloween. It consists of a black jumpsuit with molded white armor. It also includes a belt and a 2 piece mask. It looks very authentic and if you have any doubts about that, you should know that this is an officially licensed star wars costume. The costume is available in 4 sizes: x-small, small, medium and large. Depending on the size that you choose, this costume can cost you anywhere between $43.40 and $64.62, a price justified by how authentic the costume looks.