Jack Sparrow Pirate

Written by Chris Russel. Posted in Adult Costumes

Let’s be honest, most of you watched “The pirates of the Caribbean” just to see the funny and silly Captain Jack Sparrow making a fool out of himself, while managing to be clever and ingenious in escaping trouble. Therefore, it is understandable if you decide to wear a Jack Sparrow pirate costume for the next Halloween and we can help you find the most genuine costume of all.
Captain Jack Sparrow is a charismatic man with a shabby look, typical for a dangerous pirate, the perfect character to choose for a Halloween makeover. Although it may seem like a trivial costume idea, this one is very detailed, from the beads in the hair to the wide belt around the waist. Once you have the Jack Sparrow pirate costume, all you have to do next is analyze the language and behavior of captain Jack Sparrow to make sure you will pull out an incredible transformation.
Jack Sparrow Pirate Costume Picture Jack Sparrow Pirate Costume Picture

Opt for a complete Jack Sparrow pirate costume

This Jack Sparrow costume is made of 100 % polyester and it is easy to wash and iron. The costume features a long sleeve white shirt, a long blue vest, a big leather belt, a pair of sloppy pants and a red bandana with beaded braids attached, just like the one Johnny Depp wore in the movie. However, for a genuine pirate aspect, you should complete the look with a pair of boot covers like the ones pirates usually wear, and a leather pirate hat with curved edges. And what would a pirate be without his sword, so don’t forget to wind a sword to impress your friends.