Great Gatsby Flapper Dress

Written by Chris Russel. Posted in Adult Costumes

Elegance is ageless and it has joined women’s outfits since ancient times, making them look feminine and stunning. The flapper era, with cabaret dancers with pearls around their necks, is a clear example of elegance and sophistication, so this Great Gatsby Flapper dress costume will perfectly suit an elegant woman with style and class.
Great Gatsby Flapper Dress Costume Picture Great Gatsby Flapper Dress Costume Picture

Become a stunning flapper girl

As the name suggests it, this costume consists of a dress, more specifically a one shoulder fringed dress in a metallic gray shade, covering the body in a sleek way. The fringes make dizzy waves as you move, so you should not worry about being a plain appearance at a Halloween party. The costume also includes a sequin choker and a sequin headpiece with a white feather attached. Although this costume resembles the decadent 1920’s, this is a look that never ages and that will definitely turn heads at a costume party. The dress is made of polyester and is available in 2 sizes: small, medium and large. Depending of the size, the price can vary between $30 and $40.

If you want to achieve a genuine flapper look, you can add accessories to this Great Gatsby flapper dress costumes, like a long string of pearls around your neck that you could either wrap several times around your neck or wear it loose to reach your waist. A cigarette holder will also be a strong detail of the outfit since many women in that age used one to make a good impression, whether they were smokers or not. A feather boa will complete your cabaret transformation, as well as a pair of high heel shoes. An aspect that should not be neglected is the hair and if you are not willing to cut your hair in the 1920’s style, you can opt for an effective wig in a short bob haircut.