Game of Thrones Jon Snow

Written by Patricia Edwards. Posted in Adult Costumes

During Halloween, when you go out in the evening you will probably meet witches, vampires, zombies, super heroes and ghosts. So if you want to stand out, you can opt for a Game of Thrones Halloween disguise. The Game of Thrones characters are the choice of many fans, during Halloween. The Jon Snow costume is currently the one most copied by men. In this article, we will show you how to dress like Jon Snow for this Halloween.
Game of Thrones Jon Snow Costume Picture Game of Thrones Jon Snow Costume Picture

Medieval Trimmed Black Cape

This is the main element of the Game of Thrones Jon Snow Costume. This particular cape is very realistic. Despite being made of polyester, it looks like an authentic medieval cape as it even features a shoulder decoration similar to a furry collar. The collar is made of faux fur and it features faux leather studded straps. It is a standard size, and according to the manufacturers, it can fit sizes up to size 50. The cape can be yours for only $56.95. It can be used as part of other costumes as well as it is very durable and it can be hand washed.


While the medieval trimmed black cape is the main element of the Jon Snow costume, in order to have a complete look, you will need a few other accessories as well. If you have dark, curly hair, your good to go. Otherwise, you will need a wig. You will also need a sword. If you plan on going to a party in a club, we suggest that you opt for a toy sword, as you won’t be allowed in with any real weapon, even if it is blunt and purely decorative. Other than that, find some dark clothes that you have at home and some leather boots and you’re done.