Feline Catsuit – Catwoman

Written by Chris Russel. Posted in Adult Costumes

The Halloween party is the best occasion for people to disguise themselves and to let their imagination run free through the most fun, interesting and unique costumes. The feline catsuit costume for women is one of the most popular choices and since it is very attractive, no wonder women like it so much.
Feline Catsuit Costume- Catwoman Picture Feline Catsuit Costume- Catwoman Picture

Choose a complete Catwoman costume

This catwoman costume by Leg Avenue is made of polyester and spandex and embraces the body in a sexy and feminine way. It is the kind of costume that reveals the beautiful figure of a woman in a sleek way, so if you are looking for a costume that will complement your slim fit this is the one you should choose. Besides the black jumpsuit, the costume also includes a buckle belt, an attached tail and a headband with cat ears to complete the cat look. A pair of high heel boots and some sharp black nails and you have a “purrfect” Catwoman outfit.
For a more cared and elaborate Halloween feline catsuit costume, there are other accessories you can match to your Catwoman costume, like the black mask, for example. You can choose a harlequin black eye mask or a catwoman mask with cat ears to cover your head. This mask will help you stay incognito and will increase the mystery on the beautiful woman who is wearing the costume. Furthermore, you can opt for a leather whip, just like the one Catwoman had in the movie and a pair of motorcycle gloves with claws attached.