Batman Villains Group Costume

Written by Chris Russel. Posted in Group Costumes

The villains costumes are the most interesting choices for Halloween, as you have to be scary and to inspire terror and fear. The villains who have tried to destroy Gotham city make a great choice for Halloween, therefore, gather your friends and choose these Batman villains costumes for the Halloween party this year and you will definitely frighten the other people and even steal some of their candy.
Batman Villains Group Costume Picture Batman Villains Group Costume Picture

Poison Ivy costume

There is nothing more appealing than a bad girl with a sexy look that can charm you by only looking at you, and this Poison Ivy costume will turn you into the most attractive villain character. For a price of $38, this 100% polyester costume includes a green dress that is decorated with ivy leaves in the neck area and on the legs and whose length can be adjusted by pulling the string on the leg that makes the dress shorter and sexier. The dress also includes a removable waist cape that is wrapped around your waist with a thick green rope. The Poison Ivy costume includes a pair of fingerless elbow-length gloves decorated with ivy leaves in a shade of green, the same shade as the boot covers also decorated with ivy leaves that complete the costume. However, you could not become Poison Ivy without the ivy shaped glasses that will cover your eyes to make you look more mysterious. The costume comes in 5 sizes from x-small to x-large, can only be hand washed and does not include the red wig.
Batman Villains Group Costume Picture Batman Villains Group Costume Picture

Harley Quinn costume

To complete the series of sexy villain woman, the Harley Quinn costume for women is another great option for a Batman Villains group for Halloween. The price of this costume varies depending on the size you select and you have to be very careful with it and only wash it by hand to keep it in the best shape. This Harley Quinn costume is made of a mixture of polyester, vinyl and latex that molds on the curves of the body and complements any figure. The outfit consists of a pair of pants in a combination of burgundy and black accessorized with a large black belt, a short top in the same combination of colors that makes you look very sleek, a pair of fingerless elbow-length leather gloves and a black leather choker. Combine these items with a pair of knee-length boots and arrange your hair into two side ponytails or buy a blonde wig to complete the outfit.
Batman Villains Group Costume Picture Batman Villains Group Costume Picture

The Joker costume

Batman’s most popular enemy, the Joker, could not miss from this group of villains costumes and you can find it available at prices ranging from $96 to $300 depending on the size you want. The complete Joker costume includes items made entirely from polyester that can be washed in the washing machine at a gentle cycle without bleach and can be cool ironed. The costume contains a gray shirt, a tie and a green vest, purple gloves, a long purple coat and a pair of blue pants. To help you impersonate the Joker perfectly, you will also get a wig and a makeup kit to help you complete the transformation.
Batman Villains Group Costume Picture Batman Villains Group Costume Picture

The Penguin costume

Another famous villain from the Batman series is the Penguin, the greedy and ugly character who is always trying to mess with Batman. You will have fun impersonating the Penguin in this black suit made of polyester at the price of $29 at the moment, with a discount of $36. You will get a white shirt with a red silky tie, a stylish black tuxedo jacket with an attached vest and a pair of matching black pants. The deformed mask included in the Penguin costume will help you get into the character and since the umbrella is not included in the costume, the funny penguin walk is up to you to perform.
Batman Villains Group Costume Picture Batman Villains Group Costume Picture

Bane costume

An angry enemy of the Dark Knight is Bane, a fierce fighter with huge muscles and a frightening look due to the mask he is wearing. The Bane costume made of polyester and latex comes in 3 variable sizes, namely medium, large and x-large and has a price starting from $31 depending on the size. The gray and green jumpsuit comes with a printed muscles chest to make you look scary and dangerous and the mask increases the frightening aspect of the character. The costume also includes a molded green belt and a molded gauntlet.