Avengers Movie Black Widow

Written by Patricia Edwards. Posted in Adult Costumes

Black Widow (Black Widow) is the name of the first spy appeared as an enemy of Iron Man and then converted back into superhero in the movie Avengers. Black Widow has no super powers. Instead, she is an outstanding athlete, an expert in many disciplines of fighting (karate, boxing, kung fu …) and an elite shooter. She is also an expert in the handling of weapons and espionage. If want to be the Black Widow for a night, here are some useful tips.
Avengers Movie Black Widow Costume Picture Avengers Movie Black Widow Costume Picture

Transform yourself into a powerful superhero

For a long time, superheroes were very masculine. And it is only recently that women are being honored in the hero category. The black widow is then one of the few heroines who have the physical abilities to fight crime.This black widow costume from the movie Avengers consists of a combination of a jumpsuit and a belt. Disguise yourself as your favorite Avengers character with this black imitation leather suit. It easily closes with a zipper on the front. A belt will accessorize well with this beautiful set! This costume will be ideal for your Halloween night or during a costume party. If you plan to recreate this seductive and powerful look from the Avengers, we advise you to wear high heels, and you will be the most beautiful women of the party. The costume is made of polyester and spandex. It is available in various sizes from 4 to 10. For a complete look, wear the costume with a red bob wig. The costume is very durable and you can even wear it next year if you wish. It can be hand washed and if you accessorize it differently, you could even turn it into another spy costume.

The costume of Scarlett Johansson in the film Avengers remains broadly original to that of Black Widow in the comics: a full black suit, made of latex rubber and leather, decorated with gadgets on the belts and boot covers. This is a slightly more modern view of superhero, which portraits a spy look while maintaining the sexy look.