Alice in Wonderland

Written by Chris Russel. Posted in Adult Costumes

You surely remember little Alice who traveled to Wonderland to have a cup of tea with a talking bunny and to eat shrinking mushrooms. If you want to discover how the trip felt, you can choose an Alice in Wonderland inspired costume for Halloween and let your imagination take you to that magical place.
Since Halloween is a great holiday when people decide to dress up and transform themselves into any character they want, a well-made costume is the perfect help you can get to complete any transformation and an Alice in Wonderland costume is the choice of many girls for their Halloween costume because it is fun and playful.
Alice in Wonderland Inspired Costume Picture Alice in Wonderland Inspired Costume Picture

Choose a cute Alice in Wonderland costume

This beautiful Alice in Wonderland costume consists of a cute short dress in a sweet light blue color, with puffed sleeves and a nice white apron to go with it. The costume also includes a headband with a cute bow to match the childish look. It is made of a blend of cotton fibers that are soft, comfortable and easy to wear and maintain and you can hand wash and iron it to make it look neat. The Alice in Wonderland inspired costume is perfect for every age and will make a great Halloween party costume if you are more of a sweet child than a spooky witch. The look can be completed with a pair of white stockings, a matching blonde wig with bangs just like the one Alice had in the movie and you can even carry a teapot around and ask people to join you for a cup of tea.